It is usually recommended that you choose an editor who has some knowledge of the subject area they will be working with. The editors in FaME have different backgrounds and different specialisms, but we all love music.

To find out more about an individual editor, scroll down and click on their name.

  • Anna Williams
    Services: Sheet music editing | Sheet music proofreading | Text proofreading | Sheet music typesetting/notesetting
  • Claire Taylor-Jay
    Services: Proofreading | Copyediting | Developmental editing
  • Dawn Wakefield
    Services: Proofreading text and sheet music | Creating piano fingering
  • Dónal Mac Erlaine
    Services: Text copyediting | Proofreading
  • Eleanor Bolton
    Services: Proofreading | Copyediting | Developmental editing | Book proposals
  • Fiona Little
    Services: Text copyediting | Music proofreading
  • Hester Higton
    Services: Text copyediting | Line editing | Developmental editing | Proofreading
  • Owen Gregory
    Services: Copyediting | Line editing | Developmental/substantive editing | Page design/layout | Typesetting documents/sheet music
  • Philippa May
    Services: Proofreading
  • Tristen Bakker
    Services: Line editing | Copyediting | Structural editing

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